Gangster Rio City of Saint For ARMv6 (UPDATE) Working Now Cool..........

Rockstar Games' sandbox-style action games are so prominent in popular culture, I find it difficult to avoid comparing similar games to such Rockstar titles as Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. So, this is a plea for forgiveness.
Gameloft's latest iOS game, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, centers on a high-profile gang member named Raul, whose career takes a turn for the worse after an explosion. In a fashion like Niko Bellic, he starts a new life of crime yet hunts down the suspects of his deadly past. Hot pursuit abound in this revenge tale.
Set in Rio de Janeiro, the game strives for Rockstar status, but it's missing some blood and guts. You could point to the limitations of the iPad, or you could be a little harsher. 
Gangstar Rio definitely has potential. In a sandbox-environment, you pound the streets and shadows of Rio, scoring cash, respect and bombastic weapons as you complete side jobs and story quests; the map is small, but it has distinctions and personalities. Bikini-clad babes walk on the beach. "Idiots" hang around the strip club and basketball courts. Vehicles big and small fill out the roads.
With a GTA overlay, the missions center on blowing up things, whacking some important gangsters, or digging up more info on your accident, a botched assassination attempt on your life. My favorite mission is "Dusk of the Dead," in which Raul, hired as a stuntman for a zombie TV show, is tasked with blowing up a moving train as he drives a motorcycle and shoots with an automatic handgun. In another mission, you rob a bank and escape via helicopter, flying high above Rio, and seeing this amazing figure ...
As you complete missions, including the aforementioned, you will transform from a shirtless, baldheaded, gun-toting meathead, to a suave soldier of fortune, more respected than your former life. Gun shops and clothing stores are dotted throughout the map. In fact, in the gun shop, you can pay $50,000 to skip a mission. That's not an option for badasses, is it? Still, it's unique to games of this type. 
Several of Gangster Rio's missions require time-sensitive driving, which you control by tilting your iPad left or right, or pressing buttons on screen (depends on your option). There are several vehicles, including mopeds, crotch rockets, ambulances and "Crapos," all of which have eclectic radio stations. If you're feeling saucy, you can drive any of those into the ocean, which you can also swim in. 
The driving schema didn't bother me, but the non-playable drivers did. Whether they're riding a freeway or a side street, they drive so slow that I can sprint to them and oust the driver. In one instance, I sprinted three blocks and caught up with a motorcycle, gunning down the driver. I suspect all drivers act this way so you can hijack their vehicle. 
Besides weird drivers, my other problem with the game is the voice acting. It's very robotic and monotonous, as if someone wrote the script on my Mac's speech program. I get that the characters are speaking English as a second language, but they simply sound too fake. I would rather read subtitles in English and hear the voices in Portuguese. 
Overall, Gangstar Rio comes off as a driving game spiced with some shootouts and explosions. It's definitely gangster, despite having stupid drivers and seriously broken English. Here's hoping this.
How To Install Please Read Carefully
This Game Will Not Work If Any Step Is Perfornmed Wrong 
1.First you Install Cm7 On Your Device
2.You Overclock Your Device If You Have Galaxy mini you Overclock Your Mini To 806Mhz And You Have Galaxy ace You Overclock Your Ace To 923mhz And You Have Galaxy  y You Overclock Your Y To 900Mhz.
3.Set Cpu Mod To Performance Mod.
4.Change Build.Prop to Sony ericsson xperia SK17i
          How To Change Build.prop---
5.Install Chainfire 3d and Use Nvidia plugins.
6.Install Super Chager.
7.crate swap partition For Increase Yore Ram You Increase Ram To 700mb.
How To Crate Swap Partition Link
8.You Need 4gb Sd Card.
9.You Change Build.prop After Install Cm7
10.You Change This Line Also In build.prop
ro.product.cpu=armeabi-v6a to ro.product.cpu=armeabi-v7a

I am Using Galaxy mini Its Works Fine On My Galaxy Mini



Samsung Galaxy Y 454521494494163329

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